Sunday, November 29, 2015

Top 10 video games part 2

Okay to finish off my top ten video games are the ones that I have really enjoyed and will always come back to play. These games have basically consumed my life. They are the reason I never get anything done in school. Video games are a part of my life and these games are why.

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My firth favorite game is ultimate alliance. This game was the first one I ever played on x box 360, so in a way you could it was the start of a legacy for me. This game has an amazing plot that will keep you entertained and busy. The best part about the game are that it shows all of your favorite marvel characters. This game was a big reason I got into marvel super heroes. Especially the underrated ones like Dr. Strange and Black panther. The best part about the game is the amount of content the game has. The game game also shows how some characters go along with each other and how their stories an intertwine. This game is awesome and I defiantly recommend to those people who have friends that come over and want a fun co-op game to have fun with.    

The number 4 game is clash of clans. I know it is not one of your typical console or PC games, but it deserves recognition because over the past three years I have poured days of game time into that game. Almost every time I get bored I check clash of clans and upgrade things. Clash of clans is a strategy game that takes lots of patience. For example my dark elixir pump is in middle of a  five day upgrade to get to level 5. It takes longer to obtain the material necessary to upgrade it, but its lots of fun watching your village grow and get stronger. I think the best part of the game is attacking with your well earned troops. Mostly because of the fact that it takes strategies and skill to successfully attack someone. Clash of clans is a great time waster so if you find yourself board constantly this is the game for you.

Before I tell you my top three I want you to remember these three are pretty much equal in fun they have given me.The number 3 game is grand theft auto 5. This game has probably game me the most laugh out of any game, and you know what they say laughter is happiness. This game is an action packed and has humor. The single player story has a great plot that will always keep  you playing, but the best thing is the multiplayer. It allows you to free roam around Los Santos and earn money and spend it in every way possible from buying a pistol to buying a ac 130 fighter jet. You an reak havoc on the city and get five stars. Witch means a horde of cops will attack you, or you and your friends can fight each other to make hilarious things happen. There are also 100 of custom mini games and races you can do with your friends or random people. This game is a great game with your friends have a blast and laugh until it hurts.

The number two is a great one. Coming in at number 3 is Pokemon, and I know it was a game meant for little kids but there are a lot more aspects to the game then people realize. The story is basically the same in every game with the evil organization that tries to take over the world with the legendary Pokemon. Witch for some reason never gets old. It is fun to catch Pokemon nickname them and save the world. I think the best part of the game is the post game. That for me when I dive into the competitive part of the game. Where I go and find the best suited Pokemon and train them and make them amazing to battle other people around the world or my friends. If you gain a advanced knowledge of the Pokemon their strengths and their weaknesses you can be very good at the game. This is a great game if you get bored in the car or you want to play a strategy game that never gets old.

The number 1 game is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This game hits close to home because it was the game I got most into. When I say that game took part of life away it did. I have like 3 weeks of playing time on there. I love this game multiplayer game mode. The maps in the game are the best ranging from short range close encounters like Dome, or long range gun battles like terminal. Every map had a unique way of keeping a high energy paced game mode that kept everything exciting. Also the camo system is based on experience with the gun unlike other games witch are based on ridiculous challenges. Also there was survival mode in with you had to fight hordes of enemies witch was fun with a friend to see how far you could get. Overall this game hits close to home begin my most played game. This is a great action packed game that will keep you entertained.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Top 10 favorite video games part 1

Top 10 favorite video games

This blog i am going to talk about my 10 favorite video games of all time and why. I obviously can't say they are the best of all time because I haven't played every game, but of the ones i have these 10 were pretty awesome. 

For my number ten game I am going to have to go with street fighters 4. I chose this street fighters game because I thought the plot of the game was great, and the game-play was fun. It is a nice game to play with my brothers because it can be competitive and relaxed. I think it is a amazing game and recommend it.

My number nine game is going to have to black ops one. This game holds ear and dear to my heart begin my first Call Of Duty game. That game basically carried me through 5th grade. The graphics a the time were spot on. I loved the multilayer aspect of the game.It was the first game that interacted with people around the world. I thnk the best part was the zombies mode. I enjoy going through the rounds with friends and having a good time. Even today love to play zombies. 

For my number 8 game I have to choose Dynasty warriors 7. All of the dynasty warriors game are spot on, but this one I probably contributed the most time into. Most people don't play dynasty warriors game. They should cause its has a lot of action and fighting. The plots are amazing too. See the games are based on the Chinese dynasty in ancient china. It is a sword fighting game that has are a very good time passer. The games are not multilayer based, but you can still have a blast  training your army and fighting to control china..

Coming in at number seven is World of Warcraft. I know it is only nerds, but the game is an all around blast to play. I never got super into it , because the game is very time consuming. It is a role playing game with endless possibilities. It can be both heavily singular player based and multilayer based. That is why the game is so fun to team up with others , or go solo and conquer the story. The downside to the game is that it can be expensive. It one of those games where you sorta pay to be good at it. That's is one reason I suck at it. It a good game for all audiences to try, so don't be afraid to be yourself. Just because you enjoy a game doesn't make you a nerd, and whoever said begin a nerd was a bad thing.

Number 6 hits close to home. This game was the first game I ever played, so the emotion is real. IT is Marvel vs Street fighters. The original one they don't even sell anymore. It all started when my dad would put one controller plug into the drawer to make me believe I was playing, but after a while he let me actually play and I was good for a 4 year old. The game takes your favorite marvel super heroes and your favorite street fighters against one another. It was a fun action paked fighting game they never faild to put a smile on my face. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

declararation of independence

For some Americans the American dream is what drives them to try to strive and achive in this nation, but there is no official definition of the American dream. This concept all started with the starters of this nation. The real question is if the fathers of this American dream still stands in the citizens today.

When the declaration of Independence was written in 1776 the nation was under very different circumstances. They were under the suppression of great Britain. In the declaration Tomas Jefferson even states how unfairly they were begin treated. King George put in to effect many unfair programs. Many where taxes that unfair to support Britain in their war expenses. This had a big effect on their definition of the American dream.

I think in the American dream in 1776 meant many different things, but the main idea was freedom and not have to take orders or unfair policies from any other nation. It was to be their own independent nation. It was to pursue their beliefs and to thrive in the world. I think these are the bases of the nation of America stands strong today.

I also think the American dream has been altered over time. Now in 2015 we are going through many different things then in 1776. We are in middle of what could  possibly be longest war in u.s history. We are still recovering from a huge economic decline in 2008. America has also been through many different things since 1776. We have been in many wars and a great depression. We have man many advancements in technology. We have seen and witnessed natural disasters and man mad ones.

Through out all the joy, anger, and sadness America always stands strong. I think today the American dream still involves freedom and pursuit of goals and beliefs, but I think the American  dream has gained more of personal accountability  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

my goals

In this blog today be talking about some my goals and how I plan to achieve them. Through out my life I have made a bucket list of goals I plan to accomplish before I die. These goals are important to me, because of how obtained them through various stages of my life.
The first goal is my goal to do a back flip. I have had this goal since 7th grade when my friend said I bet you couldn’t do a back flip. I know it sounds stupid, but that moment I vowed to do a backflip so I am going to do one. I have been working on my flexibility by stretching a lot and it has helped tremendously. I already have the leg muscle cause I have been doing track for five years. One of the events I do is high jump witch really focuses on building leg muscles. All I need to complete the back flip are the basic fundamentals for doing it. Once I get those down I will be back flipping till I cannot do it anymore.
Another goal I had was to travel out of country. I discovered this goal a couple years back that there is so much more to the world then violence and greed. I want to travel the world and experience the good things like culture and happiness. I plan to do this before I have children cause that would make it more complicated. I do not know if I would have a wife or not but I would definitely travel for a whole year to have a amazing trip. I would make memories to take with me my whole life.
I have always been that quiet kid whom silently judge’s people. One of my goals is to become good at public speaking. Like presentations in front of classes I die trying to say simple things. Even when a teacher calls on me I get nervous or frightened and usually say something dumb. I think part of it is that I care too much what people think about me. That is why I am going to try to open up and talk to more people. This would help me become more scial and more confident. It is important that i do this , so that i can succeed in life 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pay the players not the game

Should college football players get?
The National collegiate athletic association does not play their players for the sports that play. I think this is wrong for many reasons. These kids have taken a risk of giving up there future for making colleges millions of dollars. Then the athletes are not allowed to sell their own merchandise or have an endorsement. 

These for example quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State. Pryor and four teammates were suspended Thursday by the NCAA for the first five games of next season for selling championship rings, jerseys and awards. They also received improper benefits from other places. I don't think the NCAA should have the right to suspend layers for selling their own jersey just for the university to make a quick buck. I think this is stupid because the athletes are training and doing everything football yet you cant even pay them a penny. 

Another thing is that they should be paid because if they become injured they will have something to fall back on. Now lets be real here most college athletes are not the brightest kids from their schools. Most of them get to college from scholarships to play their sport. If these athletes get hurt they cannot play their sport and their scholarships usually gets cancelled due to a lack of grades. That leaves them with practically nothing. They usually have to drop out and find a job with only a high school education. This makes it hard for them to have any chance of having very successful life. If you gave the players a salary they could probably pay their tuition and continue their studies and be very successful in any field they choose.

One argument that have been made that if you pay the players than that leaves less money for scholarships witch mean you can’t recruit as many new players. My opinion in this is that the college players make millions of dollars for the college. I don’t think they need to get paid no humongous salary, but even a small one would help them buy food other necessities. It would not hurt to lower the amount of money given on athletic scholarships because there are a lot of tuitions given out to some players that barely ever play. This might even encourage more high school students to focus on education to give them leverage over other kids.

In the long run I think that players that poor their sweat and blood into your program should at least get some money to wipe it up with.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My writing and reading history

My name is bryce and this is my blog. For my first blog i am going to talk about my past and present experiences with literature. I am not a big fan of literature i don't even read a lot. I have only read lower reading level fiction books.

I think i should start with my earliest experience i can remember with literature. This would have to be when I was a kid my mother would read Tom Sawyer to me and my brothers. she read that to us every night as we went to bed. It was actually a nice experience, but at such a young age I probably didn't understand much of it.

My mom taught me how to read and write some things, but the language arrts teacher i thin impact me they most was my second grade teacher from Woodward academy miss. Rivera. She helped me after school with my reading while I ate delicious gram crackers.

Trough-out 8th grade language arts i was usually bored. Till we got to the poem the road the road not taken. This poem had lots of meaning and still my favorite poem to this day. For its multiple meaning and ways to interpret it. I think it means that we shouldn't try to be like other people but be ourselves.

My 9th grade year literature was very strait forward and boring. That does not help the fact that i don't read now. That is a big part witch Literary things are not my favorite and math and science triumph it. Also I think I have a attention disorder cause i seem to loose attention to text really fast. Especially during standardized test. It sorta effects my writing too, because I can never sit down and type or write a paper without getting distracted.

I don't do much writing cause the school assignments are boring topics. That the only reason I like writing contest cause it gives you an excuse to write about what you want. For example in 7th grade I started a narrative for a writing contest. i began the story and i just keep writing. I think that was the first time actually wrote a story and enjoyed it. I was so proud of that paper i didn't even submit it. I went past the deadline and kept writing. I still think thats the longest paper i have wrote to this day.

There was also this one time when I wrote an essay i thought was the greatest persuasive essay ever.It was about recycling and saving the earth, and my teacher gave me a B on it. She said i didn't show enough supporting evidence when i showed plenty of it people like that make me sick.I never get rewared for the writing I like to do t sad.