Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pay the players not the game

Should college football players get?
The National collegiate athletic association does not play their players for the sports that play. I think this is wrong for many reasons. These kids have taken a risk of giving up there future for making colleges millions of dollars. Then the athletes are not allowed to sell their own merchandise or have an endorsement. 

These for example quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State. Pryor and four teammates were suspended Thursday by the NCAA for the first five games of next season for selling championship rings, jerseys and awards. They also received improper benefits from other places. I don't think the NCAA should have the right to suspend layers for selling their own jersey just for the university to make a quick buck. I think this is stupid because the athletes are training and doing everything football yet you cant even pay them a penny. 

Another thing is that they should be paid because if they become injured they will have something to fall back on. Now lets be real here most college athletes are not the brightest kids from their schools. Most of them get to college from scholarships to play their sport. If these athletes get hurt they cannot play their sport and their scholarships usually gets cancelled due to a lack of grades. That leaves them with practically nothing. They usually have to drop out and find a job with only a high school education. This makes it hard for them to have any chance of having very successful life. If you gave the players a salary they could probably pay their tuition and continue their studies and be very successful in any field they choose.

One argument that have been made that if you pay the players than that leaves less money for scholarships witch mean you can’t recruit as many new players. My opinion in this is that the college players make millions of dollars for the college. I don’t think they need to get paid no humongous salary, but even a small one would help them buy food other necessities. It would not hurt to lower the amount of money given on athletic scholarships because there are a lot of tuitions given out to some players that barely ever play. This might even encourage more high school students to focus on education to give them leverage over other kids.

In the long run I think that players that poor their sweat and blood into your program should at least get some money to wipe it up with.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My writing and reading history

My name is bryce and this is my blog. For my first blog i am going to talk about my past and present experiences with literature. I am not a big fan of literature i don't even read a lot. I have only read lower reading level fiction books.

I think i should start with my earliest experience i can remember with literature. This would have to be when I was a kid my mother would read Tom Sawyer to me and my brothers. she read that to us every night as we went to bed. It was actually a nice experience, but at such a young age I probably didn't understand much of it.

My mom taught me how to read and write some things, but the language arrts teacher i thin impact me they most was my second grade teacher from Woodward academy miss. Rivera. She helped me after school with my reading while I ate delicious gram crackers.

Trough-out 8th grade language arts i was usually bored. Till we got to the poem the road the road not taken. This poem had lots of meaning and still my favorite poem to this day. For its multiple meaning and ways to interpret it. I think it means that we shouldn't try to be like other people but be ourselves.

My 9th grade year literature was very strait forward and boring. That does not help the fact that i don't read now. That is a big part witch Literary things are not my favorite and math and science triumph it. Also I think I have a attention disorder cause i seem to loose attention to text really fast. Especially during standardized test. It sorta effects my writing too, because I can never sit down and type or write a paper without getting distracted.

I don't do much writing cause the school assignments are boring topics. That the only reason I like writing contest cause it gives you an excuse to write about what you want. For example in 7th grade I started a narrative for a writing contest. i began the story and i just keep writing. I think that was the first time actually wrote a story and enjoyed it. I was so proud of that paper i didn't even submit it. I went past the deadline and kept writing. I still think thats the longest paper i have wrote to this day.

There was also this one time when I wrote an essay i thought was the greatest persuasive essay ever.It was about recycling and saving the earth, and my teacher gave me a B on it. She said i didn't show enough supporting evidence when i showed plenty of it people like that make me sick.I never get rewared for the writing I like to do t sad.