Sunday, November 29, 2015

Top 10 video games part 2

Okay to finish off my top ten video games are the ones that I have really enjoyed and will always come back to play. These games have basically consumed my life. They are the reason I never get anything done in school. Video games are a part of my life and these games are why.

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My firth favorite game is ultimate alliance. This game was the first one I ever played on x box 360, so in a way you could it was the start of a legacy for me. This game has an amazing plot that will keep you entertained and busy. The best part about the game are that it shows all of your favorite marvel characters. This game was a big reason I got into marvel super heroes. Especially the underrated ones like Dr. Strange and Black panther. The best part about the game is the amount of content the game has. The game game also shows how some characters go along with each other and how their stories an intertwine. This game is awesome and I defiantly recommend to those people who have friends that come over and want a fun co-op game to have fun with.    

The number 4 game is clash of clans. I know it is not one of your typical console or PC games, but it deserves recognition because over the past three years I have poured days of game time into that game. Almost every time I get bored I check clash of clans and upgrade things. Clash of clans is a strategy game that takes lots of patience. For example my dark elixir pump is in middle of a  five day upgrade to get to level 5. It takes longer to obtain the material necessary to upgrade it, but its lots of fun watching your village grow and get stronger. I think the best part of the game is attacking with your well earned troops. Mostly because of the fact that it takes strategies and skill to successfully attack someone. Clash of clans is a great time waster so if you find yourself board constantly this is the game for you.

Before I tell you my top three I want you to remember these three are pretty much equal in fun they have given me.The number 3 game is grand theft auto 5. This game has probably game me the most laugh out of any game, and you know what they say laughter is happiness. This game is an action packed and has humor. The single player story has a great plot that will always keep  you playing, but the best thing is the multiplayer. It allows you to free roam around Los Santos and earn money and spend it in every way possible from buying a pistol to buying a ac 130 fighter jet. You an reak havoc on the city and get five stars. Witch means a horde of cops will attack you, or you and your friends can fight each other to make hilarious things happen. There are also 100 of custom mini games and races you can do with your friends or random people. This game is a great game with your friends have a blast and laugh until it hurts.

The number two is a great one. Coming in at number 3 is Pokemon, and I know it was a game meant for little kids but there are a lot more aspects to the game then people realize. The story is basically the same in every game with the evil organization that tries to take over the world with the legendary Pokemon. Witch for some reason never gets old. It is fun to catch Pokemon nickname them and save the world. I think the best part of the game is the post game. That for me when I dive into the competitive part of the game. Where I go and find the best suited Pokemon and train them and make them amazing to battle other people around the world or my friends. If you gain a advanced knowledge of the Pokemon their strengths and their weaknesses you can be very good at the game. This is a great game if you get bored in the car or you want to play a strategy game that never gets old.

The number 1 game is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This game hits close to home because it was the game I got most into. When I say that game took part of life away it did. I have like 3 weeks of playing time on there. I love this game multiplayer game mode. The maps in the game are the best ranging from short range close encounters like Dome, or long range gun battles like terminal. Every map had a unique way of keeping a high energy paced game mode that kept everything exciting. Also the camo system is based on experience with the gun unlike other games witch are based on ridiculous challenges. Also there was survival mode in with you had to fight hordes of enemies witch was fun with a friend to see how far you could get. Overall this game hits close to home begin my most played game. This is a great action packed game that will keep you entertained.

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  1. Great commentary. Kind of weird to do a two-part list divided up across a month's time.

    Still with the sloppy sentences. Please do better. (Your sentences looked great for the most part in your Dec. of Ind. Blog--here you are making a lot of lazy errors.)