Sunday, October 23, 2016

How do you live with puropse

As I sit for an hour not knowing what to write about for one of my school assignments I caught myself reading the rubric quite intently for ideas. On my eighth time reading the rubric one of the aims for the assignment caught my eye. It was explaining that that this assignment should inspire the student reflect on their own beliefs and assumptions, leading to more thoughtful, responsible and purposeful lives. This intrigued me because I do not know how reflections of one's beliefs and assumptions have anything to do with living a purposeful life. Then I had to ask myself how do I live purposefully.

What is a purposeful life? This question lead me to think of a bigger question of to what extent do our actions determine the purpose of our lives. At first when I thought about it the answer seemed simple. Doing good deeds gives that make a positive impact on the world gives life purpose. Does just knowing what you want to do make you want to do make life purposeful? In that case I am not living with purpose. Are people like me just stumbling along hoping to figure out soon living wrong? Also their is the affect of others around you which affect your life. I do not think there is a way to live life purposefully, but that life is just a sequence of occurrences that we are forced to face good or bad.

I searched the internet for internet for other people's perspectives on the topic of a purposeful life. One article  I found says that there are ways to live your life more purposeful. One of these ways is to set intentions. The author explains that setting tone for the day is very beneficial. For  example choosing how you want to live life put  you at ease and peaceful. I can agree with the author's  viewpoint on this, and other views expressed in the article. To live life with purpose you must enjoy it.

The actions that we make are the stepping stones of having a more purposeful life. I think that the people like me who do not not know what they're working for are not in an existential crisis, but do not have a defined step of stepping stones. I still believe that life should not be a struggle to find purpose. I do not think that people should be afraid of not having a defined path to travel. Our Actions do not give our life any more purpose than we ourselves give life


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  1. You touch on some interesting things here, but you have yet to clearly articulate your ideas. You are talking around a your points. What does it mean to "Lead a more thoughtful, responsible, and purposeful life?" What does action have to do with purpose? What is PURPOSE in a life? These are compelling philosophical questions that the TOK Aims DO call on us to ask.

    But you haven't really offered any answers yet. Your self-reflection here is honest (It's interesting to acknowledge that you DON'T feel you have a lot of "purpose."), but rather than digging in here and examining the disconnect, you just claim that "having no purpose is fine." or something

    You would be well advised to get back to the REAL LIFE part of the assignment. Look for concrete examples of these things in the world around you. This will help you A) make sense of the questions, and B) express your ideas clearly.

    The writing here is shot through with easily fixable errors: looks like first-draft, slap it down and don't think of it again writing...