Sunday, October 16, 2016

My first junior/IB presentation

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About a month ago me and my friend Adeline did a IB theory of knowledge presentation on sense perception. In my opinion sense perception is the easiest way of knowing because it is often the most trusted way of knowing. For example we usually know a apple when we see one, or we know there is wind when we feel it. In knowing that me and Adeline decided to focus our presentation about the less obvious things about sense perception. Also we threw in a fun eating activity, so the presentation would last the entire class and that it wouldn't be to boring.

Now that I look back on our presentation I think it went well. I thought we had some deep thinking discussion questions about the ted talk that made us think on expanding sense perception as a way of knowing. I think everyone learned something even myself from our presentation. It was a bummer though that  the food experiment didn't work. I should of known it was just a wife's tell because it never worked with my medicine when I was younger. I still think it was fun seeing people awkwardly hold their nose and eat apples.

I also think we could of added more to our presentation especially looking at he others group's presentation. First of all I think we might of added more to our presentation about sense perception. I thought the assignment was to give a presentation on sense perception not about it. All we really did about it was give a super brief  definition of it. We could of dove into the brain work and chemical signals of it, or how people perceive things in different ways. With that we could of pulled out some cool sense perception illusions. For me personally the optic ones can make me question life sometimes. That is why sense perception can the most reliable and untrustworthy way of knowledge, but what do I  know I am just a brain in a pickle jar.

Also I think that my personal contribution to the presentation could have been better. I felt like I only said two things and read a question. I have never been good at presentations and I still am not according the recent IOP I did. I know the only way to get at good at things like that is too do them more and more, but that is not working for me.

Overall I think that our presentation was good. It was not perfect but it got the job done. I think this was a good early assignment to practice speaking in front of the class. Especially that one sense we are going have to get comfortable around them. Well at least if we plan on surviving this death trap known as IB

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  1. Good reflection, finally. I will be happy to build in more chances for you to practice your presentation skills.