Sunday, January 29, 2017

Guest speaker from West Georgia

We had a guest speaker in Theory of Knowledge class on Friday. Mr. is a phycology professor at West Georgia. When he came to speak to us I was surprised  that he didn't speak much on phycology as a human science but more about his life and past experiences. This was quite interesting and reflected the human sciences we are talking about in class. He also gave us a view into another culture that did not know much about except for stereotypes and media.

When he told us about his past he helped explain Asia with many maps. this immediately made me think of geography. I found countries very fascinating because I never knew how they were formed. I never would have thought that Russian gerrymandering was why the countries borders are the way they are. I did not realize how much politics were going on in the this part of the world.

Also Mr. helped give me a better understanding of the culture. When he described his time in Uzbakistan I was quite amazed. First of all the didn't know that stan meant land of. Also I didn't realize how much that countries like Uzbakistan were influenced by
Russia. I remember him talking about how they always drank like the Russians. Also the counties had their own separate cultures that came out of the gerrymandering. Especially with variety of languages that developed out of these countries. Its amazing for a relatively small area to have so many languages that originated from so many different places. I was having trouble keeping up with all of the languages. I remember there being Persian and Russian and some others I couldn't pronounce. I learned a lot about this foreign land that I have gained a new found respect for the middle east.

Another thing Mr.  taught me was how those countries had things in common with the west. The thing that stood out most to me was how they have snickers. I would have never thought that the middle east has snacks like us. That just goes to show you how ignorant I am. He also introduced me to a how economy in middle east is like western. I know it is a given that all economies have inflation, but I never saw it in action. He brought in money and talked about how the currency's value changed while he was there.  I found it interesting to meet someone to experience inflation like that.

The main things I took away from Mr. presentation was how interesting other places around can be. How they can have many similarities with us. Also how they can be very different and unique. Also I got to view his presentation from a human science view and look at the geography, economics, and anthropology going on in this middle east area. Overall I enjoyed Mr. presentation very much.